About Work Futur

What The Block

What The Block brings together the best of Design and Blockchain. We run workshops to help participants discover the potential of Blockchain, host Events with inspirational speakers, and use speculative design methods to help clients create meaningful, well considered concepts which employ the technology in imaginative and value-oriented ways.

To do this we created a workshop known as Designing with Blockchain - a customisable workshop aimed at anyone looking to understand the potential of Blockchain, or get started with a Blockchain project. Participants explore Blockchain through hands-on learning, playing a specially designed game, over 4 rounds, covering all the major concepts of Blockchain from blocks and mining, and tokens to smart contracts.

The game was created through our own design process, attempting to unlock the core concepts which make Blockchain technology so powerful: Value, Trust and Transparency, and bringing these concepts to people in an accessible and fun format.