About Work Futur


Laplander is a project aimed at giving the gift of expression to an inanimate object, in this case a 1960s Swedish Volvo Laplander.

During the summer of 2017, I was part of a crew shooting a documentary while traveling from Copenhagen to Moscow in a 1960s Volvo Laplander - a Swedish military carrier that transported us more than 6,000km.

I saw Laplander as part of the crew and decided to offer it the gift of expression. In order to do so, I created a specially designed sensory kit for the vehicle, using two Rasberry Pis, a GPS sensor, an IR camera, a PS eye webcam and touch sensors, allowing it to capture memories along the journey, creating a dataset ready for algorithmic processing.

The first part of the dataset has been captured and the intended outcome is to use style transfer through machine learning to generate prose; the story of a road-trip into the wilderness written by the vehicle.

With luck, the second leg of the voyage will start in the second half of 2018, traveling from Moscow to Siberia. This will enable me to complete the dataset for style transfer and publication of the novel based on the inputs gathered during the journey.