About Work Futur

A Little History

H.G. Wells said, “Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” Before I even knew of this quote, I had an impulse that I‘d like to create a space, a community, where people came together around shared values and worked for pleasure to contribute to society and improve their understanding of the world.

I didn‘t realise that this idealistic vision perfectly described what a school should be. Of course I should have considering my family history. My Grandmother, former headmistress of the airforce school in Bangalore, India, devoted her life to education. Whether it was the formal duties of a school mistress during weekdays, spending her holidays teaching orphans and even off-duty lecturing loutish neighbours on how to treat women (let‘s call it alternative education), she made her home a centre for education.

She passed away some years ago now but left a huge impact on everyone she met. The home she made a centre for education is still there, standing in the heart of Bangalore.

And here it is.