About Work Futur

Freetown Data

Freetown Data is a speculative exploration of data storage in alternative communities, developed in Christiania, Denmark, during a month-long urban research residency. The project re-imagines the Freetown as a biological decentralized data-centre where the resident human and nonhuman entities work together to manage their data.

It employs speculative thinking as a device to re-investigate the impending data dilemma, without seeking to deliver a planetary scale solution. The process, infused with object oriented ontology, is proposed to ‘decenter’ the human, designing using alternative models which offer opportunities, particularly with regards to sustainability and ethical issues around data. A short paper has been submitted for design and urban studies conferences.

The first practical outcome is a VR installation exhibited during the Kulturnatt in Copenhagen. Lectures and workshops are planned for November 2017 and the development of a film, interactive object and installation is under way.